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Our diverse range of dramas and documentaries bring history alive, celebrate great art and artists, provoke social change and explain a complex world for each new generation of viewers.  Whether celebrating British history or the Story of China, investigating the shadowy origins of Islam or following modern pilgrims on the world’s most Sacred Journeys, Maya Vision International is an industry leader and winner of many of television’s top awards.

Collegial and committed to great storytelling, we work with the best crews and on-screen presenters from Britain and around the world. And while documenting past and present, we are proud of having nurtured young talent to successful careers through our short film production.

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Following the model of the highly praised Story of India, the Story of China aims to place contemporary China within its historical and cultural context. Travelling across China, Michael Wood shows how Chinese civilisation developed, telling the story of the rulers and the historians, poets and philosophers and ordinary men and women who defined its path.

We’ve been filming in China since Oct 14 and are currently fixing our 5th trip. This time we’re heading for Henan Province and then to Beijing and the Forbidden City. Shooting are Jeremy Jeffs, Peter Harvey and Bosie Vincent supported by local crew and an independent production company, Mandarin Films in Beijing.
Look out for transmission on BBC 2 Sept 2015 and on PBS in Spring 2016.


Bed in Birthplace

In this film, a follow up to his highly praised study of a 14th century peasant woman in Christina: a Medieval Life, Michael Wood pieces together the life of a Tudor farming woman in a small Warwickshire village, Wilmcote near Stratford-upon-Avon. Daughter of a 100 acre farmer in a still agricultural society, Mary Arden lived into her seventies through decades when many were driven off the land, in forced evictions and peasant uprisings and when the older world of the countryside was turned upside down by the Protestant Reformation. But it was also an age of new opportunities for ordinary people, and what makes Mary’s life especially fascinating is that for the first time her eight children could be educated: and one of them was William Shakespeare.
Unsurprisingly most of our filming will be taking place in and around Stratford on Avon and document filming in the National Archives at Kew and Worcester Cathedral. Peter Harvey will be filming early morning farming activities and observing Warwickshire country life throughout the seasons. Rebecca Dobbs will be wearing her director’s hat and we’re pleased to welcome back Aleks Nikolic who will be cutting it all together in the Autumn.
Not confirmed yet, but look out for it on BBC 4 in Spring 2015



Sacred Journeys is a six-part series highlighting religious pilgrimages around the world, featuring New York Times best-selling author, Bruce Feiler. Each episode focuses on American travellers moved to experience the same profound journeys that people have taken for a thousand years or more.

Shot over 6 months in 2013, the director, producer and sound recordist undertook 6 pilgrimages in India, Japan, France, Nigeria, Israel and Saudi Arabia possibly making them the most spiritual crew on the planet! The Director for the Kumbh Mela was Jeremy Jeffs, Wayne Derrick directed Shikoku and Lourdes and Bosie Vincent, Osun Osogbo and Jerusalem. Anisa Mehdi directed the Hajj. Sally Thomas was the Producer for all 6 programmes, Rebecca Dobbs, the Series Producer and Leo Eaton, the Series Director.

On PBS this Christmas, showing as a double bill

16th Dec 2014 8pm Lourdes, 9pm Shikoku
23rd Dec 2014 8pm Jerusalem, 9pm Hajj
30th Dec 2014 8pm Kumbh Mela, 9pm Osun-Osogbo


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  • IMG_0337

    Normandy 44: The Battle Beyond D-Day

    ‘this film certainly hit the mark by bringing into sharp relief not only the heroic sacrifices of individuals but the extraordinary military effort and collective ingenuity it took to turn the tide against Germany’. Daily Telelgraph

  • IMG_5687

    Islam: The Untold Story

    “Holland’s ‘Untold Story’ has all the elements of a great documentary” Huffington Post



  • IMG_0476

    The Great British Story: A People’s History

    ‘It’s a sort of love letter to Britishness, wide ranging, beautifully filmed’

    ‘hugely informative and full of good humour’

    ‘Nobody does this sort of thing better.’

    Radio Times


  • 0507

    The Story of India


    This week’s most awesome documentary Michael Wood marvels at ancient origins in a history of IndiaThe Times.

    An exuberant, plush and poetic geography-biography…A heady, humbling film.” 
The Guardian

    “Fabulous television – fascinating and beautifully filmed.” Daily Mail


  • 100_0381

    Once Upon a Time in Iran

    “An extraordinary road movie. Beautifully filmed and essential viewing”  THE TIMES

  • 001 Kibworth Dig Group Photo

    Michael Wood’s Story of England

    Living history is a very difficult thing to make work, especially when it comes to blending scholarship and jollity.

    You will never, I venture, see it done as well as it was here. Daily Telegraph

    Story of England is the best thing I have seen on TV for a long time. British Museum


  • Walking the Bible

    Walking the Bible

    “Beguiling. Mr Feiler is an engaging and informed guide. Three splendid hours.” Wall Street Journal

  • Michael Wood 02

    In Search of Shakespeare

    “Wood’s trek reveals as much about modern England as it does about its past, building a seamless, invisible bridge between past and present.” LA Times

    “Refreshingly, political tales and anecdotes raise the bar of quality in a new docu about Shakespeare”  The Hollywood Reporter

  • SKF 05

    Saddam’s Killing Fields

    “It’s documentaries like this that can make a difference” The Birmingham Post

    Nominated for BAFTA – Best Documentary

    Silver Nymph Award for Best Current Affairs

    Documentary Critics Prize at Monte Carlo Television Festival