Dam Busters: The Race to Smash the German Dams

History / James Holland / WW2

James Holland presents a fresh analysis into the legendary 1943 Dam Busters Raid: A low-level night mission that took nineteen Lancaster bombers deep into the heart of enemy territory to destroy German dams with a brand new weapon – the bouncing bomb.

Of the many extraordinary things about the Dams raid, the biggest is that it almost never happened. When finally green lit, it set off an incredible race against time to form and train a new squadron. Their mission: to deliver a weapon that didn’t yet exist. Unprecedented by any scale, and even more remarkable because the crews were not the experienced elite that legend sometimes suggests, Holland examines why this truly is the greatest raid of all time, and why its true impact has been greatly underestimated.


1X 60 mins for BBC 2. Director Producer: Aaron Young

“Enlightening” – Daily Mail

“Eloquent” – Sunday Telegraph


First broadcast 8th Nov 2011 on BBC2

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