Saddam’s Killing Fields

Michael Wood / History / Politics

Two years after the allied victory in Kuwait, Saddam Hussein is persecuting the Shia and exterminating the Marsh Arabs in Southern Iraq. Michael Wood pieces together this shocking story of destruction using secretly shot footage, to show a reign of terror previously unwitnessed. Today, this film remains the only detailed telling of the Marsh Arabs’ struggle for survival. The stories told by these people are as relevant as they were fifteen years ago.


Written & Presented by Michael Wood
Director: Christopher Jeans
Producer: Rebecca Dobbs

Winner of both the Silver Nymph Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary and the Critics Prize at Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Saddam’s Killing Fields was also nominated for a BAFTA.


1 X 50 mins for ITV 1993. Video download will soon be available from Vimeo