In Search of Myths and Heroes

Michael Wood / History

Michael Wood and the Maya Vision crew set off in search of four of the world’s most famous myths. Leaving the customary string of baffled border guards in their wake, their epic journey involved some 56 flights and countless overland miles through 19 countries whose indigenous people spoke a combined total of 17 (frequently obscure) languages. During the total 64 weeks of production they shot 11,250 minutes of footage on 112 filming days. The resulting series follows the crew as they explore some of the most extraordinary places on earth, in pursuit of the stories that have captivated the world for generations.


In Search of the Queen of Sheba Immortalised in the Hebrew Bible, the Muslim Koran and in many Christian traditions, Michael follows the Queen’s journey to Jerusalem, round the Red Sea to Egypt, Eritrea and Ethiopia and finally across the Yemen looking for the living story of the Queen of Sheba.

In search of Jason and the Golden Fleece A fairy tale? Or was there a real Jason voyage? Michael heads from Greece to the wild mountains of the Caucasus to find the truth behind the legend.

The Once and Future King explores the greatest British myth: the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.


Series Producer: Rebecca Dobbs

Director/Camera: Jeremy Jeffs (Sheba and Arthur)

Director/Camera: Sean Smith (Jason)

BBC2 9pm, February 4th, 2005.

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