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Let’s raise a glass to Sappho!

!cid_ABCD880E-AC0D-4E9D-A870-CF9E797308F1A toast to all our wonderful contributors for the time and expertise they gave to the programme

We’ve received some fantastic press, both from the papers and from social media:

“Erudite and illuminating” – Sunday Times

“Fascinating. Mountford is splendidly knowledgeable and bursting with enthusiasm” – The Guardian

“Excellent collection of experts” – The Daily Mail

Here’s a few of the many tweets…Tweet_3  Tweet_5 Tweet_2 Tweet_1Tweet_4


The full programme will be available on iPlayer until June 5th. Watch it here. If you want to find out more, visit the BBC website for web exclusive footage and how the Sappho was realised.


It’s tonight!

Sappho_Postcard_8_JPEG‘Sappho: Love & Life on Lesbos’ is out on BBC Four tonight (Wed 9th) at 9pm!

Papyrologist Margaret Mountford goes in search of the true Sappho behind the 2600 years of myth and legend. The mysterious discovery of a lost papyrus sends Margaret on a journey to explore whether she was indeed the first lesbian, a priestess, prostitute, a stern schoolmistress or an aristocratic lady of leisure as has been alleged. She asks how each generation’s view of the archetypal liberated woman tells us as much about us and our fears and concerns as it does about her.

If you want find out more, here’s an interview Margaret herself did with the Sunday Times ahead of this evening’s broadcast:




Fun filming Sappho on Lesbos!

Now in post-production for our new programme Sappho. Look out for it in BBC Four’s ‘Age of Heroes’ in April 2015.

More updates closer to the time, but for now here are some photos of our crew filming in beautiful Greece with the knowledgeable Margaret Mountford.

Filming on the beach in Lesbos with Margaret Mountford

Filming on the beach in Lesbos with Margaret Mountford

Attack of the drone!!!

Attack of the drone!!!

It's a Sapphie not a Selfie!

It’s a Sapphie not a Selfie!