Some upcoming Michael Wood talks

Hi all!

We thought you might be interested in some of Michael’s talks coming up in the next few weeks.


April 5th

Michael is doing a talk at St Botolph’s Hall, Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TL titled ‘In Search of Shakespeare’

Tickets cost £5

“The BBC presenter and author of In Search of Shakespeare will give his own personal interpretation of the life and works of William Shakespeare in this talk based on his detailed experience and passion for the plays and poems alongside his extensive research into the biography of the historically elusive playwright.”

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April 11th

The Battle of Brunanburh: new light on an old mystery, with Michael Wood at the University of Liverpool.

“Join film-maker and historian, Michael Wood, as he sheds light one of the most famous events of the Viking Age, the Battle of Brunanburh. 

In 937 AD a Viking and North British coalition led by Olaf Guthfrithson, King of Dublin, invaded England, only to be defeated by the Anglo-Saxon King Æthelstan at a place called Brunanburh. The site of this decisive battle is still unidentified, but over the last 40 years a consensus has grown amongst historians that it was located on the Wirral Peninsula. 

Reviewing the evidence from texts, coins and place names, and setting the war in the context of the politics of the North Sea and North Britain in the Viking era, Michael Wood will offer a new perspective on arguably the most significant battle to have taken place in Britain in the five centuries before Hastings.”

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April 18th

Michael is doing a lecture at the Royal Geographic society on The Story of China

“Illustrated with fantastic images and clips, Michael will reflect on some of the big themes that emerged from his travels around China in the making of his recent BBC 2 series.”

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April 22nd

The Shakespeare Birthday Lecture – The Shakespeare Circle – Stratford-upon-Avon

“The Shakespeare Birthday Lecture, Friday 22 April at 4.00pm, The Shakespeare Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon.
‘The Shakespeare Circle: An Alternative Biography’. Join Dame Margaret Drabble, Michael Wood, and Stanley Wells as they discuss Shakespeare’s intimate circle of family, friends and colleagues. How do their lives shed light on Shakespeare’s? Chaired by Paul Edmondson, and presented in collaboration with The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, and Cambridge University Press.  At the end of the lecture, there will be a special-guest appearance by poet Wendy Cope who will read her new series of Shakespeare poems, commissioned by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for 2016.”
Tickets £10.00 adults /£8 concession (children/students/seniors and Friends of the SBT)
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